SoccerFEST 2014

2014 Summer Soccer Camp

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U-5 Program

The program is "jamboree style" - meaning that the kids gather in a group, with their parents, and run through a series of fun games to help them learn the skills they need for soccer and the basics of the game. Then the group will be divided up into small teams for a short "game" with parents for each game helping them and providing plenty of encouragement.

A Master Coach will be there to help set up the games.  Parents must remain during the entire session and are required to assist their children with the games and skills that are being taught.  This is a parent/child experience.

No child is to be dropped off under ANY circumstances. Each child MUST be signed in prior to play by the person staying with them throughout.

The focus will be on having a lot of fun and lots of touches on the ball. 

All games are on Saturdays at Westwood Park in Minden.

Boys:  9:00 AM to 10AM
Girls:  10:30 - 11:00 AM.

 2nd 30 minutes is a game.