Division Coordinators

The Division Coordinator leads the Region process of organizing teams by age divisions, implementing Kids Zone™, recruiting coaches, referees and team parents, ensuring that the AYSO philosophy of Balanced Teams is followed and overseeing the scheduling of the season. It’s a crucial job on every AYSO Region board to make sure that every player has the best possible AYSO experience. 

To volunteer to become a Division Coordinator, please email our Volunteer Coordinator, Emmy Kawchank, at volunteer@cvayso.org.

Coordinator for the Division Coordinators - * Volunteer Needed *

U6 Girls Division Coordinator - * Volunteer Needed *

U6 Boys Division Coordinator * Volunteer Needed *

U8 Boys Division Coordinator Alicia Hill

U8 Girls Division Coordinator Lisa Van Wagenan

U10 Girls Division Coordinator * Volunteer Needed *

U10 Boys Division Coordinator Evan Mecak

U12 Girls Division Coordinator - Vic Deleon

U12 Boys Division Coordinator - Kristy Frazee

U15 Coordinator - Chris Garton