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2014 Summer Soccer Camp

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Head Coaches will be assigned one AYSO soccer team. All coaches must have filled out and submitted a Volunteer Application, received a Coach Clinic certification for their age division, received a Safe Haven Clinic certification, and attended a General Coaches Meeting prior to the start of the season before they can receive their roster and team equipment.
Coaches who already have a Coach Clinic certification for their age division do not have to take the course again.  If you have never taken a Safe Haven Clinic, now is your chance! It is a requirement for all AYSO Volunteers. Anyone wishing to take it as a refresher is also welcome!

Coach training and Safe Haven classes are listed on the Training page.
For the Fall season, coaches generally commence practice at the beginning of August and games usually start the 3rd week of August.  The regular season typically ends around the third week of October.

AYSO recommends that U6 teams schedule a training session (practice) once a week and U8 and older teams schedule training twice a week.  Each training session should last between 60 and 90 minutes each.  When the season begins, there will be one to two games per week in addition to the recommended number of training sessions.

For more information or if at any time you need to speak to someone regarding the upcoming season, contact the Coach Administrator, Heather Hinkle at


* Hey Coach! is the National AYSO weekly newsletter for coaches and other coaching positions. Each week, Hey Coach! will contain articles on coaching techniques, drills and other important news. Hey Coach! is also your opportunity to write in with any possible article suggestions. Great Resource! Click here to sign-up!

AYSO manuals are being updated for the 2013 season. 
The brand new coaching manuals have been completely re-written and re-structured for ages U-6 through U-12. The manuals feature a season's worth of complete, age-appropriate training sessions that you can use at practice from start to finish!  

Brief Summary of Age Specific Rules

 Age Group
 U8  U10 U12
 U14 U19
 # of Players    
3 v 3
 3 v 3
5 v 5
 7 v 7
 9 v 9
 9 v 9
 11 v 11
 Ball Size
 3  3  3 4
 4 5
 Length of Halves
 10 15
 35  45
 Offsides  No  No No
 Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Retakes with Instruction
 Yes, first 2 weeks only  No No
 Goalkeeper No
 No  Yes  Yes  Yes Yes