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2014 Board Members

Regional Commissioner - Elect - Heather Keene
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I started coaching my daughter’s soccer team when she was 5 years old in 1991 (and later coached my son’s team as well). I didn’t realize that I would fall in love with coaching and would still be doing it 22 years later! I ended up coaching my daughter’s team until she was 16 years old. During that time, I learned a lot about the game of soccer. More importantly, I learned a lot of coaching skills that have been instrumental in building relationships with the players.  I was on the AYSO board for ten years doing various jobs from Regional Commissioner to Division Coordinator. I have always believed that when the game is done, it isn’t who won or lost.  It is how we played and how much fun we had as a team!


Coach Administrator - Mark Sando
Mark Sando
I first started coaching AYSO soccer over 12 years ago. Although I ran track & field in college (and played multiple sports growing up), I wasn’t introduced to the beautiful game of soccer until I started coaching my 5 year-old son back in 2002 (that call went something like “your son’s team doesn’t have a coach…”). I have since coached both my daughters (my older one plays for Douglas High, qualified for the Olympic Development Program and played in the 2014 U-16 Nevada State Cup final). However, even with this experience and some success over the last decade, I also realized how much more I needed to learn and, to that end, most recently passed my NSCAA National Diploma and AYSO Advanced Coach certifications. I did this with the dual goal of being able to better train our region’s players, and to also help train our newest group of young (and not-so-young) coaches in hopes of providing them with the tools and support they need to be the best coaches they can for our kids. Please join us as we work (and have some fun) to build youth soccer here in the valley!

Registrar - Heather Hinkle
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As a former AYSO player, and a parent of young children, I continue to feel the need to serve our community by volunteering my time on the Carson Valley AYSO Board. I have nothing but fond memories of learning the game, developing self confidence, building lasting friendships and enjoying my time on the field while I played AYSO in this valley. I am committed to participating on the Board in any way that allows my children as well as all children in the Carson Valley to receive those same opportunities and experiences that I had. 

Referee Administrator - Kerim Posadas
I have volunteered as a U6 AYSO soccer coach since last year for my son's new soccer season.  Now I am volunteering to coach and referee for both of my kids' (Ivan and Felipe) team.  I have been playing soccer from the age of four and stopped playing two years ago. I played on different clubs around the country: college, amateur, and professional soccer leagues.  It's an honor to teach our new generations about this beautiful sport and make them the new soccer stars. I face one of my biggest challenges in my life and hope to succeed by growing older and continue teaching what I know best..."SOCCER".

Child / Volunteer Protection Advocate - Rob Rose
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It was five years ago that I  received the call from our local AYSO region asking if I would volunteer to coach my daughters soccer team. I was terrified. I had never played soccer and knew nothing about the game. After some cajoling from my dear wife and kids I reluctantly accepted the position. A few hours of internet surfing and reading coaching manuals provided by AYSO I did my best to ready myself for my first coaching experience. I’ll never forget the first day I met the kids on the team with their smiling eager faces and positive energy. I was hooked. Fast forward five years and I still love coaching the kids and have expanded my involvement with the organization as a division coordinator, field coordinator, referee and now the Child and Volunteer Protection Advocate . 

Uniform Coordinator - Anita Whiteley
Ten years ago we signed up our son with AYSO not knowing anything about soccer but we were happy as parents to help out in anyway we could. Over these years our daughter has also played AYSO. It has been a fun journey learning as we went and have really grown to love the game. I started out volunteering as team parent, then coached five years, served three years as a Division Coordinator and now this will be my second year as the Uniform Coordinator. We have loved watching our kids get out and be active while enjoying the outdoors and having fun. We love being involved with AYSO because it has  built confidence, developed good sportsmanship, built friendships  and taught our kids how to work as a team at even a young age. I look forward to another great year representing Region 318.

Field Coordinator - Joseph Whiteley
email Joseph
In elementary school I played soccer on a coed team sponsored by the local Kiwanis club in the area I grew up.  When our kids were old enough to play AYSO in this community, I was taken back to the fun times and the experience I had as a youth playing soccer.   I have supported AYSO for the last few years and was an assistant coach on my sons team during one of the recent seasons.  It is great to be able to volunteer and be more active in an organization that provides so much for our youth in the community.   It is good to see the skills that the youth develop and it is rewarding to be a part of their success.  I enjoy the being in the outdoors with my family and cycling in my free time.

Assistant Regional Commissioner and Spring Coordinator - Savannah Gray
Hey hey, my name is Savannah Gray. I'm 26 years old and I started the lovely game of soccer playing in AYSO at age 4. Then I moved to competitive soccer by age 10 playing on a travel team called Annihilation. Every player had talent, which made a successful winning team. I then went and played for Douglas High School and continued to Western Nevada College on a full ride soccer scholarship. I have been training travel teams for eight years now as well as coach coaching a youth 10 boys team. Soccer is a beautiful game. Remember.. it's all about having fun, being a team player, quick thinking, and ball control. The more you practice, the better you will be. Healthy eating and lots of water. Focus on the next play! 

Picture Day Coordinator - Melissa Compton
Hey my name is Melissa Compton I grew up playing in AYSO, I love the sport of soccer.....Now that I have children playing in AYSO I figured I should volunteer my time in helping the community keep this sport alive. I love watching my kids on the field learning how to be team players, making new friends and best of all having the time of their lives which to me is most important. I want my children and hopefully yours growing up remembering the love that they had for soccer.....So remember have fun out on the field and practice, practice, practice! :)

Website - Chris Garton
Soccer was a key foundation in my childhood and had many positive effects on my personal growth.  It's important to me that other kids get to have that same opportunity. Soccer programs in a community don't just happen.  After coaching my son's teams for the last five years, I realize how much effort it takes by a LOT of volunteers to have a successful and vibrant program.  Updating this website and getting involved in other projects is rewarding for me to be a part of the Carson Valley volunteer team.

Scholarship Coordinator - Becki West
Mother of four kids who have all played soccer at some point. Started involvement in soccer in 2000 as an Assistant Coach when my oldest played U8. I have coached and assisted on several teams since then. In 2008, I obtained my National licensing. In 2013, I volunteered to be the Scholarship Director.

Secretary - Daphne Hillyer
I have been attending soccer games for more than six years. I have been a team mom for many of them. It was Rob Rose who asked if I would be interested in being a Board member. I was looking for something to volunteer for and this was perfect. I never played soccer. Baseball and basketball were the sports I played all through high school. I learn more of the game all the time and now I have the opportunity to give back to what my girls love playing the most. My daughter Megan plays both spring and fall soccer.  Now she is also a junior referee. 

Treasurer - Tami Gray
I love watching soccer.  It's so exciting every time they score a touchdown.  The best parts is when they turn a double play or make a three-point shot. Gee, I just love this sport!

Safety Director - Randy Gray

Equipment Coordinator - Cory Baird
I started within the Carson Valley AYSO as a Head Coach after a couple of years coaching for this great organization I decided to give more.