2016 Board Members

Regional Commissioner - Justin Townsend

Registrar - Rochelle Kennedy

Treasurer - Melinda Matua

Child Volunteer Protection Advocate - Eric Lindsay

Safety Directory - David Van Wagenen

Regional Coach Administrator - Dave Kawchank

Regional Referee Administrator - Rob Rose
Rob Rose
It was five years ago that I  received the call from our local AYSO region asking if I would volunteer to coach my daughters soccer team. I was terrified. I had never played soccer and knew nothing about the game. After some cajoling from my dear wife and kids I reluctantly accepted the position. A few hours of internet surfing and reading coaching manuals provided by AYSO I did my best to ready myself for my first coaching experience. I’ll never forget the first day I met the kids on the team with their smiling eager faces and positive energy. I was hooked. Fast forward five years and I still love coaching the kids and have expanded my involvement with the organization as a division  coordinator, field coordinator, referee, Treasurer, and now the Regional Referee Administrator.

Secretary - Jayme Forston

Field Coordinator - Vic Deleon

Regional Scheduler - David Allison

Webmaster - Chris Garton
Chris Garton
Soccer was a key foundation in my childhood and had many positive effects on my personal growth.  It's important to me that other kids get to have that same opportunity. Soccer programs in a community don't just happen.  After coaching my son's teams for the last five years, I realize how much effort it takes by a LOT of volunteers to have a successful and vibrant program.  Updating this website and getting involved in other projects is rewarding for me to be a part of the 
Carson Valley volunteer team.

Volunteer Recruitment - Emmy Kawchack

Uniform and Equipment Coordinator - Alicia Main

Picture Day Coordinator - Brooke Adie

Tournament Coordinator - Allen Alexander

Coordinator for the Division Coordinators - Dan Hamer

U6 Girls Division Coordinator - TBD

U6 Boys Division Coordinator - TBD

U8 Boys Division Coordinator Alicia Hill

U8 Girls Division Coordinator Lisa Van Wagenan

U10 Girls Division Coordinator - TBD

U10 Boys Division Coordinator Evan Mecak

U12 Girls Division Coordinator - Vic Deleon

U12 Boys Division Coordinator - Kristy Frazee

U15 Coordinator - Chris Garton